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At SEO SEM Leads, we're not just a lead vendor, we're a partner committed to your success in each and every facet. Did you know, for instance, that we provide one-on-one sales coaching to our SEO and PPC agency clients? When you buy SEO leads from our company, you're adding even further value to your company. Want to know more about our leads? Consider this: Our objective is to start meaningful interactions between agencies who sell SEO and SEM and companies who are receptive to the message. After all, that's what a true SEO lead is anyway: A company willing to talk to you and hear out your thoughts. What could be better?

Exclusive or Shared SEO Leads?

We understand that different SEO and PPC agencies have a spectrum of objectives. Is your model to contact a high volume of prospects, or a select few that you nurture? Or is your vision to integrate both? At SEO SEM Leads, we understand this: Our management comes from SEO Agency backgrounds, and internalizes this to the highest degree. Exclusive SEO Leads are sent only to your company: Shared leads provide a fresh, yet still economical lead that is only sent to a select few companies.

Grow your SEO/PPC Agency with Leads

The most important part of building and sustaining a successful agency is repeatable processes. Referrals are great: They mean you're doing something right. But let's face it: A company can only grow so large on referrals alone. Cold calling can work, but do you want to spend that much time to attain a viable SEO prospect? That's why it can be incredibly cost-effective to simply buy SEO leads: These are companies who have already bought into the interaction. They're ready to be talked to. They are interested in understanding exactly how you can help their company achieve better exposure and/or conversion on their website. And if you ask us, that's everything (almost). Where does the rest come in when selling an SEO or PPC prospect? You, silly! And that's why we offer coaching to our clients to help you present what your SEO services are all about - in a way that makes the most out of each and every SEO lead that you get from us.

Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click: Languages we speak

Did you know that our management has extensive SEO and PPC fulfillment and sales experience? When you work with us, you won't just be buying SEO leads, you'll gain an invested/knowledgeable partner as well: Unlike many other vendors of SEO/PPC leads, we're here to guide you through the trenches. We've been there before. Stuck on a certain objection? Need a better regimen for organizing your sales pipeline? Well, you don't need to ask a friend - ask us. The best part is: Our success is your success. We're teammates, remember?

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