Leads will be delivered daily (Monday to Friday) directly to your inbox. Once your order is placed, you will begin receiving leads on the next business day, in addition to a welcome from the team! The quantity you order will be divided evenly between the 5 days of the week (For instance: 50 Leads/Week = 10/Day, 100 Leads/Week = 20/Day, and so on)

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Standard leads are shared with up to 2-3 other SEO companies. The leads auto-renew weekly, although you can cancel anytime. Leads are non-refundable, however we do replace invalid leads free of charge. By purchasing, you agree to our Terms and Conditions

How Do We Generate Our Leads?

We reach out to businesses via email, their websites, as well as via telemarketing. We let them know that we have checked into their website, and see particular areas which present opportunities for growth. In addition to this, we let them know that we work with capable online marketing consultants (you) who will be glad to offer them a complimentary Web Needs Analysis, in order to drive home the point that you're able to help them be more profitable.

Each lead we send you is a company who has responded, has expressed that they are interested in having consultants contact them, and is anticipating being contacted back. The information on our SEO Leads are then carefully verified and screened before being sent to you to nurture.

What type of companies will the leads be?

Consider it a grab-bag full of small-to-medium sized companies. As you may have already imagined, there are a large variety of companies who are interested in making their web presence more profitable, and who are ready to speak with consultants who can help

Where will the companies of the leads be located?

The leads you'll receive will be located throughout North America. At this time, there is no program to segment leads by specific location outside of that, although in this day and age, 95% of companies are willing to do business remotely. It is 2015, after all.

What industries will your leads be from?

You'll find a great deal of diversity of industries in the leads you purchase from us. Examples (among many others) might include: Dentists, Carpet Cleaning, Restaurants, Plastic Surgeons, Nail Salons, Auto Glass, Attorneys, Electricians, Plumbers, and more. (Of course, we can't guarantee that any particular industries will or won't be present in a batch of leads.)

What type of budgets will the leads have?

You'll find that it's possible that leads you'll call will have small, medium and/or large budgets. Of course, we cannot guarantee that any lead will have a particular budget or another. With that having said, each lead is a company who has responded to our marketing and has agreed to speak with a consultant. It's a numbers game. In almost all cases, you'll make a profit by your first sale, so stop overthinking, and just give it a shot!

Stop Overthinking It!! Leads are a Marketing Test - You'll Never Know Until You... TRY!

Or.. You can sit on the sidelines and not try, while your competitors do, and get rich.

Grow your Sales Pipeline & Business with SEO Leads

Each deal starts as a seed that's nurtured and cared for until it blossoms into a tree that produces for years to come. At SEO SEM Leads, our job is developing and cultivating that seed to transfer to your care. Since we're invested in long-term partnerships, our sales development experts will enable your sales team with tools that few others possess: How to open a deal, what to say, what not to say. We'll teach you how to stay organized and move the sale forward. In short, our ambition is for your company to harness the most amount of productivity possible. Consider right now the seed of a tree that grows and bears fruits for all involved.

Each Purchase is Verified & Guaranteed!

Have confidence that each purchase completed on our site is verified and guaranteed. We have a comprehensive invalid lead replacement policy that ensures that any leads falling under that criteria are replaced quickly, and at no additional cost! Have confidence in the quality and integrity in each lead you purchase.

SEO SEM Leads is also an official PayPal Verified Merchant. Have confidence when you shop with us, and enjoy closing leads time and again.