Dedicated Telemarketing: Your Company’s Ambassadors

Do you want to reach a specified, target audience? How about ambassadors for your company? That's right, Dedicated Telemarketers who make 120-130 dials to businesses and promote the services that you offer.

What if you knew that one sale generated in an entire month could promote a Positive ROI Outcome? Would that interest you?

What if you also knew that 120-130 new companies each day would gain a degree of recognition as to your company's value proposition? Are you still listening?

What’s Included?

With Each Dedicated Telemarketer, your company receives the following:

-Professional Script Development Services

-A database of over 1,000,000 Decision Makers

-A Dedicated Telemarketer who completes 120-130 dials per day

-Fully shared CRM access: Track campaign progress in real time

Why Choose SEO SEM Leads?

Our firm understands the exact needs of Digital Marketing Firms. Our founder has direct experience in the SEO/SEM industry, and understands exactly what it means to be an SEO/SEM firm. Essentially, we understand your needs at every level, and have the capabilities to deliver exceptional results.

How do we get started?

Great! You're ready to take your business to the next level. Your ambition and enthusiasm will be rewarded.

Please call and speak with one of our consultants. We will thoroughly assess your business model, and construct an appropriate plan of action to get started.

Once we've finalized the Agreement Acceptance, we should have your campaign underway within 7-10 business days.

We look forward to speaking!